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Our staff: Santa’s little helpers

November 7, 2012

Some of the staff at

The staff with some of their gifts. Back row: Jacques, Carien, Cheryl. Front row: Esleen, Monty, Sharene.

It’s become something of a tradition at When the end of the year rolls around, the folks at the office inevitably start a collection of shoe boxes, wrapping paper and colourful ribbons that pile up on various desks until they’re ready to be used. Once everyone has assembled their toys, sweets, stationery and other goodies, the boxes are filled up with awesome gifts for kids in need and dropped off with the people at the Santa Shoebox Project. And this year was no exception. We snapped a few pictures of 2012’s prezzies as they were on their way out to their happy recipients, just in time to be opened on Christmas. Continue Reading…


Win a stay at Londolozi!

February 1, 2012

The Good Work Foundation has teamed up with The Good Work Foundation, Londolozi Game Reserve and Chad Cocking Wildlife Photography to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to the education of someone who needs it and win an unforgettable stay at Londolozi! All you have to do to enter is buy a raffle ticket from the Good Work Foundation, below. Go on, tickets are only $20, and all the proceeds go to the charity! Continue Reading…


And, for our first trick…

May 28, 2010

Photojournalism and the natural setting of a game reserve go together so well, entire publications have dedicated their entire focus towards this concept for years – and what better place in the world to conduct a meeting of this nature than the Kruger National Park?

With this in mind, the following month will see preparations for an awesome trip featuring cape town journalist team, Kerry and Paul Gilowey, and

From Thursday the 27th to Sunday the 30th of May, this digital duo are set for an excursion into the heart of the Kruger National Park. The couple, well known creators of and contributors to the online photo journal, Cape Town Daily Photo, will be taken about one of Africa’s largest game reserves on game drives while the sun arches across the West African sky, gather around a boma for an evening braai where they can listen to the calls of the park’s rowdy night-time inhabitants, and set out early for a guided bush walk whereupon they’ll be able to soak in a wealth of information and beauty in this natural environment…after a strong cup of coffee, of course.

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Bringing Kruger Park closer to you

May 28, 2010

This month sees the unveiling and official launch of some exciting new avenues for our domain, in a jump towards making what we do even more accessible, all the more engaging, and as rewarding as possible for you, our customer. Twitter, facebook, newsletter, and blog feeds, all original and jammed full of fresh content, will be integrated, regularly updated, and, most importantly, open to you, the reader, to post pictures, comment on specials, and let us know how you enjoy your time in the world outside.

At a time when up-to-the-second updates go out live all around the world, no place provides as much raw material for news than a bustling nature reserve. Twitter provides our guests the chance to update each other on sightings and locations, share information, trade impressions at the end of a long day in the lowveld, and comment on the hard earned twitpics shared by their fellow trekkers and bush enthusiasts. Check out our twitter profile at, become a follower, and you can brought up to date with the goings on of all your favourite destinations, long after your last day on safari there. Use information shared by park rangers to plan your next excursion, or send us an @message and let us know when you’ll planning your return trip! The possibilities are vast, and the group will also be incorporated into some of our giveaways and competitions, so keep your eyes and updates fresh! Continue Reading…


We are proud to introduce…

May 28, 2010

The secret to any good project worth its own time is a proper introduction, and we here at felt it only proper to introduce ourselves on this, the launch of our blog, and to let you know about some of the awesome things we’ll be up to in the next few weeks. Perhaps more importantly, though, is to let you know that you have the opportunity to be a part of all of it, with just the click of a button.

So, without further ado…

With a decade’s worth of experience behind it, provides a reliable, informed and efficient liaison between travellers and accredited South African National Parks. Bringing you, the client, up to date with availability, special offers and rates, and information on facilities, activities and indigenous wildlife attractions, our dedicated team of travel experts act as authorised resellers, any possible activity within the krugerpark, as well as any other South African National Park, put instantly within your reach. Our agents operate on automated systems, maintained by an in-house technical team, ensuring the safety and reliability of all your bookings with us.

Another primary service of ours is the booking and coordination of Luxury Lodge accommodation, something we’ve geared towards finding guests the best prices and most suitable lodging for their stay in one of our eleven supported game reserves, nature reserves or private concessions.

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