Guest Reviews for Olifants Restcamp

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

Great camp.

A bit of a surprise that we had to rent utensils, but accommodation was clean and comfortable. Restaurant was good too.

Clean and neat. Well equipt.

Beautiful bungalow, perfect view. Restaurant was fair, not too friendly and small in choice.

The camp was excellent and although we expected that the restaurant would be closed it was in fact open.

Had a lovely night, the tent was good, but can we have a toaster, I really loved it, I wish to know if the kruger park, still has the big 5?

The tranquillity of the Park impresses you immediately. I enjoyed the excursions from Olifants in particular as you don't have to worry about your driving and can sit back or walk, watch the game and get info from the guides on what you are looking at. Great!

very good accommodation with the best views ever smile

We spent three happy nights in Olifant, but we are not self catering people. So we relied on the catering of the neighbouring camp: Mopane was great, Olifant was poor, almost very poor, and Satara, a disaster. If you want to attract foreign visitors, catering should definitely be improved seriously. Mugg and Bean, probably, Wimpy, not sure ... But the bungalow was ok.

Enjoyed every minute