Guest Reviews for Satara Restcamp

Come and experience the wildlife and wilderness that makes Africa such a special place - the memories made on safari will stay with you forever!

Our first visit to this camp which provided a fine base for that area of the Park.

Had a great time here. Our bungalows were pleasant, great location and enjoyed the morning walk. Staff very pleasant and helpful.

Great rest camp, will be improved once the renovations are completed.

All the service provided is excalent . but the price for it high .Rest all are perfectly good .

Great stay, just to short to enjoy all the amenities

A very nice camp, the kitchen was well equipped although the hotplate didn't work very well. to have a microwave oven was a great addition.

Having a rest in the Kruger Park is always a relaxing experience. As a person I enjoyed the Park although plenty renovations are being done all over the park. My request to the park management is to make the camp sites more child friendly as we as a family spend some holiday time there. Children are not allowed to cycle or use the scooters in the camps. After all, we will not go to the park alone. Family experience is what counts

No coffee cups, dirty sheets. Ablution block at temp restaurant smells bad and is dirty.

We had a wonderful trip, it was so nice we even extended our stay with an extra day.

Bit of painting will do no harm.