Balule Nature Reserve Luxury Safari Lodges

Set adjacent the Kruger National Park, Balule Nature Reserve is without fences, allowing the Big Five and other animals to roam freely across their natural habitats. It is the ideal place to see leopards, rhinos, lions, elephants and Balule’s namesakes, magnificent herds of buffalo. Shangaan for ‘Buffalo’, resident herds are readily spotted roaming the 35000 hectares of privately owned park. Situated on an idyllic stretch of land that envelops the Orange River, the park is home to a high concentration of wildebeest, waterbuck and giraffe, which attract the majority of lion kills. Established only recently, the reserve is quickly becoming a rising star of the private wildlife reserves and is already a prime Safari destination. Open vehicle game drives and expertly guided game walks guarantee good sightings in a completely wild and natural environment. A number of luxury lodges within the reserve offer a variety of accommodation ranging from the isolated and rustic Drifters Game Lodge, to the warm and hospitable Mohlabetsi, and the secluded and tranquil Toro Yaka. The reserve is a prime destination for those seeking an exciting and authentic safari experience, and the pristine African bush can be experienced from open safari vehicles and on escorted game walks. The reserve offers spacious and comfortable accommodation offerings in spectacular surrounds.