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SANParks - South African National Parks

The South African National Parks group manages twenty parks, across eight provinces, or a total of over 3,700,000 hectares of South African land. SANParks is one of the foremost conservation and scientific research bodies in the world and serves the important function of conserving sectors of natural and cultural heritage, as well as aiming to couple conservation with social and economic development in rural areas.

The  range of ecological variety that falls under the care of SANParks is  unparalleled: from savanna and arid semi-desert to coastal areas and  parks with forests and grassland habitats; a vast array of fauna and  flora may often be found in the same multi-habitat park. We make  SANParks reservations for some of the most popular parks that fall under  their banner, including the Kruger National Park which is the sprawling home of the Big Five in the North East, as well as the Tsitsikamma National Park – the forested-coastal park in the heart of the Garden Route.

Some of the other famous parks include spots as diverse in scenery and wildlife as the Augrabies National Park, which hosts the thundering waters of the Augrabies Waterfall; the Golden Gate Highlands National Park at the foot of the Maluti Mountain range and the contrasting vegetation of the Addo Elephant National Park - home to more than 450 elephants as well as the Great White Shark  and the Southern Right Whale. Various SANParks accommodation spots cater  to all kinds of holidaymakers. Those traveling with the whole family  can look forward to a wide selection of fun outdoor activities.  Adventure-seekers can spot wildlife on game drives, or guided game  walks, or go hiking in some of the most exciting trails in South Africa.  Those seeking a restful break in the wilderness can take in the  astounding beauty of some of the most photographed panoramas in the  world.

Accommodation within the parks ranges from tranquilly-set  tented camps to quaint family cottages and spacious bungalows. Whether  it’s the charming Cape Dutch style cottages of the Karoo National Park, or the idyllic forest cabins tucked away in the bucolic woodlands of the Wilderness National Park, we will be able to book you the ideal SANParks venue for your perfect getaway.

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Kruger National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 225

One of Africa’s largest game reserves, Kruger National Park is recognised as an international traveller’s draw card - with numerous camps, accommodation and tour options ensuring guests get the most out of their camping experience.

Southern Kruger  | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 265

Bordered by the Sabi and Crocodile rivers, the Southern Kruger is the most visited region in the Kruger Park. A vast diversity of plant and wildlife, coupled with ease of access make it a popular destination.

Central Kruger | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 225
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 970

While these grassy lands only make up 30% of the park’s land, the Central Kruger is renowned for its diverse plants, herbivores and predators. A combination of woody areas and open green spaces.

Northern Kruger | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 1,025
Pricefrom R 225
Pricefrom R 225

North of the Olifants River, the biggest in the Kruger Park, lies the open plains and archeologically rich hills of the Northern Kruger region. The area is considered a birders paradise with many rare and endemic birds making the region their home.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park  | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 245
Pricefrom R 285
Pricefrom R 285

Vast and arid, the Kalahari desert is stark and beautiful. Red dunes peppered with sparse vegetation and intermittent trees are bisected by the dry riverbeds of the Nossob and Auob rivers, which only flow briefly after thunderstorms.

Addo Elephant National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 1,390

Addo Elephant National Park is South Africa’s third largest national park, stretching a massive 180 000 hectares over Eastern Cape’s Sundays River region. Responsible for the conservation of five of South Africa’s nine major vegetation zones, …

Tsitsikamma | krugerpark.com

A region of incredible beauty along South Africa’s famed Garden Route, the Tsitsikamma National Park is an area of spectacular scenery and forms part of South African National Parks. Towering cliffs overlook the lush forest canopy below where Fynbos …

Mapungubwe National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 1,175
Pricefrom R 1,125

The Limpopo province’s Mapungubwe National Park is located at the concourse of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers, constituting a part of the proposed Limpopo-Shahe Trasnfrontier Conservation Area (an area spanning over 28 000 hectares).

Marakele National Park  | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 265
Pricefrom R 1,275

Marakele National Park is part of the Limpopo Waterberg Biosphere. Home to the popular big five, sixteen species of antelope, and 250 species of birds, this national park is perforated by the Matlabas River.

Golden Gate Highlands  | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 215

The ochre hued Golden Gate Highlands National Park is the Free State’s link back to its history with the San people - cliff faces covered in ancient rock art and the golden colour of sandstone sunsets completing this elegant image.

Augrabies National Park | krugerpark.com

The Northern Cape’s Orange River plays host to the impressive, 56m cascading Augrabies Waterfall - and roughly 120 km West of Upington along this river is Augrabies Falls National Park.

Richtersveld Transfrontier Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 225
Pricefrom R 225

Straddling the border between South Africa and neighbouring Namibia is the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, a peace park established in 2003. A meeting point between the Ai-Ais Hot Springs Game Park and the Richtersveld National Park.

Garden Route National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 190

The Garden Route Park is an exceptional offering by South African National Parks. A mosaic of the differing landscapes and ecosystems of the east coast, comprised of the Tsitsikamma National Park, Wilderness National Park, and the Knysna Lakes National …

Mountain Zebra National Park  | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 275
Pricefrom R 1,075

In 1937, Mountain Zebra National Park was established by SANParks for the protection of the near extinct Mountain Zebra. The 6 536 hectare park is now home to a host of indigenous creatures and unique Karoo vegetation. Situated in the heart of the Eastern …

Table Mountain National Park | krugerpark.com

The Table Mountain National Park, with its beautiful mountains and beaches, stretches from the historic Signal Hill to the rugged Cape Point. As world heritage sites are concerned, the Cape Floristic Region is one of the most immediately striking in the entire …

Karoo  National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 250
Pricefrom R 1,170
Pricefrom R 1,170

The Western Cape’s semi-desert Karoo region is home to the Karoo National Park, an established sanctuary for numerous desert species of mongoose, hare, and tortoise, as well as the resettled Black Rhinoceros and birds including the Black Eagle.

Bontebok National Park  | krugerpark.com

Under the shade of the Langeberg Mountains lies the Bontebok National Park. This Cape Floral Sanctuary has been declared a world heritage site. It proudly boasts impressive biodiversity, ranging from endangered coastal Renosterveld to the bontebok itself.

Tankwa Karoo National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 120
Pricefrom R 295
Pricefrom R 685

Just a few hours drive from Cape Town brings you to the ideal destination of Tankwa Karoo National Park, for those of you seeking a once in a lifetime glimpse of a rare endemic bird, or perhaps nothing more than a silence that reaches deep into the soul.

West Coast National Park | krugerpark.com

The West Coast National Park is a misty, stunning landscape that spans 27,500 hectares and is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean. Part of the SANParks portfolio, it is set among the striking spring flower blossoms and expansive beaches surrounding the Western …

Mokala National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 790
Pricefrom R 700
Pricefrom R 1,080

Escape beyond contentment beneath the unforgettable glimmer of the Northern Cape skies at Mokala National Park. Situated just 80kms outside of Kimberly, famous for the wealth of diamonds in its soil, Mokala is the newest offering in remote wilderness getaways …

Namaqua National Park | krugerpark.com
Pricefrom R 135

Situated approximately 22km Northwest of Kamieskroon, in the heart of Namaqualand, is the 700km² Namaqua National Park. Gorgeous valleys are illuminated with blankets of vivid flowers, famous internationally for their sheer striking beauty.

Agulhas National Park | krugerpark.com

The meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic oceans at the furthest tip of Africa is the dramatic setting in which this spectacular South African National Parks offering is situated.